Council Tax: How much will I pay?

Did you know the average Band D council tax for 2021/2022 is £1898. That’s £81 more than the previous year.

Do you know how much your bill is before you rent or buy?

3 Step Process:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the postcode to find out the “Council Tax Band”
    Band A – H.
  3. Go to your local council website’s “council tax and charges” page. All the Council Tax Bands and this year’s charge will be listed.
    TIP: Check you are in the correct Borough


Are you eligible for a 25% discount. You can apply for Single Person Discount online if you are the only adult living in the house. You must inform the council if circumstances change. If you have bought a house you may consider checking your council tax against your neighbors to see if you are paying the right amount. You never know it might save you some money.

Spread the cost

Bills can be paid in instalments. Usually invoices are sent out in March to begin payment in April with 10 monthly instalments.


If you are doing major works on your house check if the council offers an exemption period. Many councils have scrapped this but it’s still worth checking in case you are lucky enough to be in a council area that still offers a discount or exemption period whilst your property is being refurbished.